Brian @ the speed of ux . SaaS

CXO UX architect

UX value . core UX methods +

Brian @ the speed of ux . SaaS

UI Design

Mobile-up architect . Final designs

Brian @ the speed of ux . SaaS

UX Stack

Full prototyping . Doc assets

PortfolioDesigned & delivered

SaaS . PaaS+ . Dash / Workflows Pivoting, is a growth / learn / win opportunity

Pivoting, is a growth / learn / win opportunity

Figma / Adobe Xd + Dev UX UI flexCSS/HTML
Rapid User Story/Case with google/confluence
Creating Miro layout diagrams to define user-
flows & UX hierarchy functionality interactions
Building Wireframing . URL ( Shared ) prototyping
Final high fidelity dashboard designs ( mui + )
+ Design systems hybrid/creating/existing/library(s)
+ Showcasing platform iterations with teams
+ Interfacing with development teams
+ UI Stack . NextJStailwindcss . mui +
+ Task creation . Jira ( chosen platform ) for UX
+ Time zone fluent ( PST / CT / EST )

Discovery ( RapidUX )

Full Targeted discovery . RapidUX / discovery ITERATIONS . Meeting directly with clients, users, product, stakeholders, and business to define platform valued features for workspace(s) / workflow(s) functional requirements . Modern distilled UX job / user / adoption stories, use case mapping . Great UX defines the marketing strategy and assets

UX Adoption Case ( New broad user base )

With the new expanded user base, companies are requiring broad user base adoptability, engineering, design, marketing, business and executives to perform real-time, take-action data analytics . The focus, training-less rapid workflow conversion, adoption, retention and frequency of use . and how fast can i easily execute on it? . in-context centralized workspace workflows will achieve this UX

UX Hybrid dash-flows

Real-world workflow immediacy with centralized SPA-UX . less is more, simplified, distilled, BIG Data and interaction-patterns within CONTEXT workflows. not just for data review, it IS! your workflow

Simplified continuous dash-workflow interaction and data context with critical realtime take-this-action-data for the new required broad user base vs costly data analytics engineers with past tense data using legacy "what to-do?" hard to digest single-use charts

Super SaaS

Extensive experienced in designing SaaS . DaaS . PaaS . critical actionable BIG Data UX SPA hybrid dashboard / workflows . Rapid adoption and retention . ( user INPUT ) Ai +learning / ML data interaction(s)

Less-is-more . SaaS / DaaS / PaaS models . with-in workspace tiered subscription-UPgrade features for business requirements . Full Mobile-up = standard same mobile UX UI interface design system interaction components for mobile and desktop = single code base for Rapid feature growth . Mobility UX UI by default . Hybrid / Native . HMI Design Capable

UX Strategy & Platform Line

Centralizing "consistent" UX UI for all platforms and workflow products and features . UX is defining the competitive advantage market value . UX analytics for forecasting business models and complex BI ( business intelligence ) data, finance / DeFi / BN / IT network / (EDR) endpoint detection and response platforms . Oceans of BIG Data 2023 Smart hybrid dashboard / workflows

UX ( 508 Compliance Act ) ( FISMA ) WCAG 2.1

Softwareevolving stacks

Discovery Stack
Miro . Google . MS . confluence
Wireframe . URL Prototyping
UX business model
UX Analytics
UX Forecast
design stack
Adobe CC 2023 +
Adobe XD ( All-in-one )
Figma / Sketch + Plugins
Miro .
Photoshop . Ps + Ai
Dev-ops / logistics
JIRA . Confluence . Slack . Teams
VS code 2023 . GithubDesktop
Github repo . GCP . AWS
MFE . Micro-Frontends
Web Developer
ui stack env
React / NextJS ui + libs
Tailwind /
(b) flexbox ui
sass .scss
bulma css

Experiencework . life dna

Cisco . PSSE Security Vulnerabilities Scanning Platform

UX UI SaaS ARCHITECT Designermulti threaded parallel hosted scanning engine | 01/2021 - 10/2023 . remote

PSSE / DASTaaS is Cisco's new consolidated multi threaded parallel vulnerability cloud hosted scanning engine - PSSE is a centralized PSA / Prime security scanning engine that end users perform targeted host scans on Cisco's / clients applications to adhere to required and compliance security vulnerabilities - SPA ( single page application ) utilizing mobile-up UX UI + modern tech stack / reactJS

Research Triangle Park Headquarters 12 Davis Dr, Research Triangle, NC 27709

Hpe . Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company . Nimble Engineering PSOE Platform

UX UI SaaS Engineer Designersup-peta storage array systems | 12/2019 - 12/2020 . remote

defined UX UI ( Adobe Xd ) for the PSOE ( Primary Storage Opportunity Engine ) IB / install base storage systems hardware and service campaign creation. web based meta-data sourced UI and middle tier OPEN-API's . platform will discover and execute these campaigns on-the-fly during discovery within the dash view and distribute completed sales opportunity contracts to 1000's of regional and global sales teams in parallel directly to SFDC ( Salesforce ) platform for presentation to Hpe clients.

HP Fort Collins, CO 80528

AFEX Direct . Global Currency Exchange Payment Platform

UX SaaS Designer CONSULTANT ( UX UI core models )SUP-DATA TRUE INTERACTIVE HEADS-UP DISPLAY | 01/2019 - 12/2019 ( + stealth projects )

Through team discovery we designed the UX UI for their new AFEX Direct platform, and specifically built new features including currency forecasting in all global currency types, using an extended direct sup-data true interaction dashboard workspace that allows for scheduling, forecasting and payments directly from the dashboard workspace. This platform will predict and forecast the optimum time to make payments for some of the largest global Fortune 500 companies including vendor products and services contracts.

Woodland Hills, CA

SmartLinx . SaaS . Hospital Personal

UX UI SaaS Core DesignerProduct Owner | 04/2016 - 01/2019 . remote

SmartLinx's "core HR Ai-automated mobile scheduling enterprise application". Scheduling is handled by defined functional logic and end users directly, with little or no manager's input - physical processes include UX analysis, research through team meetings, iterations with whiteboarding, wireframing, prototyping, final designs and style conversion, integration into existing Ui framework . mobile-wide

Los Angeles CA

LAdbs . CPA . Commercial Property Assessment Enterprise

UX SaaS Designer01/2015 - 04/2016

Created the UX / UI prototype through data points discovery for the ( CPA ) Commercial Property Assessment Enterprise App . Geo regional real estate software applications - this included white boarding, wireframes and application prototyping to final design mocks.

Los Angeles CA

WarnerBros Studios . GEMS Movie Management System

UX UI Designer06/2014 - 01/2015

Defining WB's new GEMS ( Global Executive Movie System ) formally ( Movie Management System ) which is used to allocate WB's movie release dates and an interactive scheduling calendar with advanced cross data analysis in an advanced calendar UI.

Olive St, Burbank CA

Honda . Honda Parts Divisions

Sr. UX Designer02/2014 - 06/2014

Vendor Management Parts Allocation Contracts App. Developing Honda's enterprise web based parts allocation and vendor management system for Honda parts assets for all divisions.

Torrance CA

Experian . Global Data Products

Sr. UI Designer01/12 - 01/2014

Experian's Consumer and Business Big-Data App. Developing next generation rapid data entry and rapid data view reporting SaaS application interface(s) for Experian's consumer and business data applications. Conceived, realized, consolidated, the user experience UX / UI web based and native app interfaces by simplifying and de-congestion of the expected end user layout and interactions.

Costa Mesa CA

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